Stackers is a Pakistani global chain of burger cafe.

We opened our first cafe/restaurant in July 2017 with a mission to create the best gourmet burgers in Pakistan. We use prime meat for our signature gourmet burgers. Our meat has never been frozen and we grind it daily to prepare our burger patties/fillets. Add a freshly-baked brioche bun and you get the delicious mouthwatering burger you have been waiting for!

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At STACKERS, our "Burger Architects" are passionate about providing a chef-driven dining experience with imaginative, great-tasting gourmet burgers along side our hand cut fries and custom shakes crafted with only the freshest all-natural ingredients.

Here at Stackers-The Burger Cafe you can now order all your favorite snacks online, including a large choice of burgers, fries & upcoming shakes. With us you can order a selection of food, all prepared and cooked by our highly trained staff.

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